“A very talented gentleman…”

Kevin is a composer, orchestrator, and songwriter with a long history of writing pirate songs.

Portland’s Captain Bogg & Salty, the pirate band for buccaneers of all ages, ruled the seas of Pirate Rock in the 1990s with Andy Lindberg, Lucas Haley, Kevin Hendrickson, Loren Hoskins, and Dave Owen (not pictured).

Creating new worlds of music

Kevin’s orchestrates, composes, and write lyrics

Composition and production

Kevin is a professional with the ability to manage overlapping deadlines with efficiency.

Supporting the director’s vision

Kevin’s music supports the director’s vision, while bringing game-changing production value.

A friendly person

Kevin will see your project through with the least possible amount of fuss.

Orchestration and conducting

Kevin will correctly prepare your sheet music for the players and the conductor.

Mixing and Mastering

Your score will sound beyond real using Kevin’s state-of-the art mixing and mastering tools.

Acoustic or Electronic Solutions

Providing live or sample-based scores to fit any budget for any project.

Scores to fit any budget

Kevin taps into a community of talented session musicians and studio owner’s in the Portland, Oregon metro area

Music success formulas

  • Listen and internalize director’s vision
  • Deliver killer themes and mockups
  • Produce score with absolute deadline precision

Kevin understands music

  • A world of thought-provoking melodies
  • Case studies that celebrate cinematic music
  • Exclusive library of beats and backing tracks

“Thanks so much for your patience in pushing through the many rounds of notes and more importantly for your perseverance in helping forge the new sounds and themes throughout.”

Animation Shorts Director

England-based animation company

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