New Album with Sylvia Hackathorn

Sometime around 2006 my friend Sylvia Hackathorn and I decided to make a kids album together. Sylvia is a talented composer, musician and producer I met years ago through my sister Shannon. Sylvia grew up in Portland playing everything from punk rock to Celtic. Besides being a wonderful guitarist and singer, she excels at the numerous instruments that give this project its special sound: Irish whistle, bouzouki, mandolin, and banjo.

About a year into recording the basic tracks our project was interrupted by life. For various reasons, the Kevin-Sylvia music project sat unattended for quite a long while.

Recently we turned our attention back to finishing the tracks, and here they finally are! I’m very proud of these unassuming, eclectic sounding tunes. I’m not exactly sure who the audience will be, but I’m hoping that at least one child will be thrilled by the tale of the bouzouki playing cat “Gataki,” or the magical elf under the bed who befriends a latchkey kid in “Nils Karlsson.”

If you know any such children, please share our album! It’s now up on Bandcamp and will soon hit Spotify and iTunes (in about a week). Here’s the Bandcamp link:


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