Music composition lessons and tutoring

I enjoy working one-on-one to help people move forward with their own musical interests.

My experience as a composer for television animation, and as a songwriter and multi instrumentalist, gives me wide latitude for teaching and tutoring an array of skills, whether it be orchestrating a film cue for 52-piece orchestra, or restringing an electric guitar.

I welcome students of every age and skill level. If you are interested, please reach out for a no-obligation chat. I look forward to hearing from you!

– Kevin Hendrickson

Teaching / Tutoring subjects include:

  • Music Theory
  • Music Composition
  • Songwriting
  • DAW instruction Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, Digital Performer
  • Midi-based composition and sample libraries
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Notation software Dorico, Finale, and Sibelius
  • Please contact Kevin to chat about your music interests!