Create a wired (usb) connection between iPad and Mac using TouchOSC

For those of you who compose music in Ableton, Pro Tools, Reaper, etc, TouchOSC is a great tool for creating customized control surfaces on your iPad or phone.


Hexler\’s TouchOSC app for iOS let\’s you create amazing customized controllers for your DAW. Image from Hexler website.

Usually TouchOSC connects via a wifi network, but sometimes this can be laggy or slow.

Here\’s how to create a more direct, and hopefully reliable connection using a lightning cable or other iPad connector.

I have not tested it on Windows, but will update this post when I do 🙂

Here\’s now I did it:

Step 1. Create the usual wireless connection between touchOSC (ipad) and mac (touchOSC Bridge) and make sure it\’s working.

Step 2. Connect ipad to mac via usb

Step 3. Switch iPad to airplane mode

Step 4. Under ipad\’s touchOSC settings >> TouchOSC Bridge >> Turn on \”Allow USB Connection\”


Step 5. On your computer\’s upper tool bar, TouchOSC Bridge displays an option called \”Enable USB Connection.\” Make sure it\’s checked.


That\’s it! I hope it works on Windows too!


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