Set default ruler display in Cubase to bars and beats

Problem: Every time you open the Midi Key editor in Cubase 11 you find that your grid is now in minutes and seconds instead of bars and beats. This makes it difficult to move chunks of midi around.

Solution:You can set the default rule display to bars and beats — or whatever measure of time you prefer — by going to the Project menu, and selecting Project Setup.

I was having this problem myself, and so I started poking around on the internet, looking for a solution. Here\’s what I found.


That thing at the top of your Cubase project window is called the Ruler, and it can display different formats including seconds, bars and beats, and timecode.


The ruler\’s Project Time Display determines the gridlines. The Project Time Display format can be selected from the triangular drop down menu at the top right of the project window.

Under the heading of Project Time Display, there is a drop down menu called Display Format. Choose Bars+Beats, and you are done! Next time you open up the key editor, the timeline / ruler display will remain in bars and beats.




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