This is my website for information on pirate rock, pirate core, or whatever you want to call Portland's legacy of pirates dressing up as rock musicians and vice versa. And this is not to say the pirate core is confined to the walls of this stone-colored city. Visit our pirate core directory to see a list of some of the popular pirate acts around the world, and to make recommendations for bands you think should be added to the list.

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Pirate Jenny plays The Hop. From left, Kevin, John Morgan, Paul Iannotti, Ron Lee. Photo by Brian Hendrickson, 1997.

Kevin Hendrickson writes songs about his personal
experiences in his own fantasy pirate kingdom. Scabbydisc Music (BMI) is a record label with a pirate-core-heavy catalog that includes Kevin's solo CD Ship to Shore, as well as several CDs by Captain Bogg & Salty, Hucklescary Finn, and Pirate Jenny