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Hucklescary Finn: "Pirates of Scamalot" 10-song CD Scabbydisc Music 2006 $15 (out of stock)
Kevin Hendrickson & Matt Giger's piratey rock songs take place in the enchanted pirate kingdom of Scamalot where Scabby the pirate searches for pleasure,
the mysterious brothers Otis Rex and Skreebeard continue their epic struggle for the throne, and mischievous Captain Jennifer disappears just as her ship prepares to make sail.
This sixth and newest Hucklescary Finn release, a collection of both upbeat and nefarious pop from a pirate's perspective echoes the early days of Pirate Jenny or Captain Bogg & Salty (both bands have covered Hucklescary Finn songs), and ranges from gentle acoustic ballads, to metal-tinged guitar riffs in the vein of Sabbath, to xylophone and accordion ska grooves. Read More about Pirates of Scamalot CD. (Out of stock)

With its layers of acoustic guitars, tender love songs and multi-track vocals, Never-Sea Land might just be the Pet Sounds of pirate music. This Portland Quartet spent months in the studio crafting tracks around a singular theme, setting drifting harmonies against a gorgeous piano backdrop on "Galleons of War,"
juxtaposing a xylophone with a Byrds-like guitar riff in "Smiling Skull" and copping '70s power chords to evoke the evil "Captain Slaymore." Rather that relying on schtick, Pirate Jenny earnestly tackles British pop and American rock while singing chanteys about dangerous sea-faring bandits or lonely men stuck on a ship and longing for the loves they've left behind. Kevin Hendrickson's complex guitar parts intermingle with Paul Iannotti's Keyboard and xylophone excursions, and the two trade lead vocal responsibilities with equally strong results. Bassist Eric Furlong and drummer John Morgan remain in the background, subtly keeping the vessel on course. The winso! me title track, laced with melodica-like keyboard and a deep-voiced chorus, points out the pirate's dilemma:

"We sail and we sail and we never see land just rum in the bottle and a pip in my hand /Never got rich 'cause we never had a plan and the treasure just rusts in the corner of the galley below."

Because of the limitations of such an angular approach, Never-Sea Land could have been a fiasco, but instead this band's dynamic debut is filled with evocative lyrics and a cornucopia of clever musical passages. Pirate Jenny seems to have come ashore to show the Beach Boys the downside of a life by the sea, albeit within a similar pop framework.
-Richard Martin, Willamette Week
Pirate Jenny: "Once Upon A Wave" 17-song CD Scabbydisc Music 1999 $15
Pirate Jenny is releasing its latest CD, "Once Upon a Wave," a disc with a rich buccaneer theme. The songs walk the plank between ska, alt.folk-rock, Gilbert & Sullivan-style operetta tunes and traditional-sounding chanteys. All will leave you wanting to grab a cutlass, grow a beard and sail the seas with a parrot on your shoulder.
-Kyle O'Brien, The Oregonian 4/15/99
Kevin Hendrickson: "Ship to Shore" 10-song CD Scabbydisc Music 2001 $15
This exciting pop album shows the influence of Kevin's songwriting favorites XTC, Oingo Boingo, and Brian Wilson. "If I Could Make My Dreams Into Movies" makes a perfect summer soundtrack with
groovy bass and guitar reminiscent of the blue-eyed soul of Squeeze. As with Kevin's other project Captain Bogg & Salty, the songs appeal to a wide audience and are clever enough for adults while engaging enough for kids. "If I Could Make My Dreams Into Movies" was chosen by Disney for use in a television show last fall on the ABC/Family network. Other hits include the tempestuous pop sea-story of "Radio Man" and the driving ska of "Love's Villains."
Pirate Jenny T-Shirt
Hand designed by Kevin Hendrickson and Paul Iannotti. The size color all-cotton shirt displays the Pirate Jenny jolly roger with crossed guitars. Rockin', OK? Specify size S, M or XL (we are out of size L). $15

Ship To Shore T-Shirt
The office shirt of the Ship to Shore CD. Available in Coast Guard Orange. Specify size S, M, L, or XL. $15