Recalling my first pirate recording with Captain Bogg (Loren Hoskins)
In 1998 my previous band Pirate Jenny was working on their second release, Once Upon A Wave. I knew Loren through his comedy group The Third Floor and I asked him to read a script I had prepared for the intro of a highly conceptual rock epic called Strap On Your Courage.

You can hear Loren's distinctive pirate dialect through the battle scene at the beginning of the song, and at the end of the song you can hear the powerful rock voice of John Breen letting loose and holding out the word "space" into a manic vocal solo. I was so excited about it I let him roll right over one of my guitar solo harmonies that was on the same track.

Here's the song: Strap On Your Courage MP3 (Pirate Jenny 1999)

You can purchase the CD Once Upon A Wave in my pirate core music store.
A new children's album in the works
As mentioned a few months ago, I'm continuing to work on a new children's music CD with Sylvia Hackathorne who plays bouzouki, mandolin, guitar, and whistle among other talents. The songs have an acoustic, celtic sound and the lyrics are about adventure, folk tales, and even pirates. We're expecting to release this CD sometime next fall. Some of the song titles include Mommy, Will I Be A Pirate? Johnny Appleseed, and The Gataki Song.

Hucklescary Finn releases new CD
A brand new album for 2006 from Hucklescary Finn piratesofscamalot150pxPirates of Scamalot, is now available at CD Baby and in our Pirate Core Music Store. The 10-song CD contains several rollicking buccaneer songs by Kevin Hendrickson & Matt Giger that echo the early days of Pirate Jenny, including the hypnotic Ghost Ship, the xylophoney Treading the Seas for Pirate Gold, and an acoustic version of Pirate Jenny's Burial at Sea. Order now for $15 or Read More about Pirates of Scamalot CD