Few genres cross as many styles and cultures as the pirate-themed rock music exemplified by buccaneer bands Pirate Jenny through the mid-90s, and currently Captain Bogg & Salty—now running in the forefront of Portland's unusual genre that some have come to call "Pirate Core."

For many years Portland has brimmed with piratical characters, ranging from the authentic sea chanteys and ballads of Broadside Johnnie, to the upbeat "deep-sea blues" and funk of Spinnaker, to the metal-tinged glam of Sunken Chest. Since 2000 Captain Bogg & Salty's annual Festival de Piratas has brought together this unusual cast for an evening of piracy, music, and costumed revelry.

This website further attempts to bring together the pirate music community, while also serving as my personal outlet for thoughts, anecdotes, and commentary on the past and potential future for the pirate core movement. If you would like to submit your pirate-themed act or recording, please use the submission form. As far as what qualifies or defines "Pirate Core," it's not obvious to determine. But by providing a wealth of information on pirate themed acts, hopefully you will be able to make that determination yourself.