In 1990 Kevin joined Matt Proctor's band Lickdestatic. Matt taught Kevin how to perform and record music in his SE Portland home studio where the band also played their first show (pictured). Matt's fast punky and somewhat funky pop songs and smart lyrics were rounded out by Kevin's pop attempts which included the Hucklescary Finn song "Scabby the Seaman." Matt Giger of Hucklescary Finn played percussion in the band as long as he could stand, which was a couple of months.
Hints of Piracy to Come. Matt Proctor's band Lickdestatic became yet another vehicle for Hucklescary Finn (and Pirate Core) when the band performed "Scabby the Seaman" in 1990. Photo by Tom Treick of The Oregonian. In the shadows at left, keyboardist and songwriter Chris Kennedy. Front, Kevin left and Matt Proctor. Way in the back, in the center, is Matt Giger playing percussion in front of the jolly roger.