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Captain Bogg & Salty
Portland, Oregon
Known as the “band for buccaneers of all ages,” the group has released two CDs and tours incessantly, giving equal time to children’s venues as well as rock clubs. The secret to their success? They play the same material in both venues and it is appreciated by both audiences. Recordings: Bedtime Stories for Pirates (1999), Pegleg Tango (2005)

Pirate Jenny
Portland, Oregon
The first pirate band to storm the seas of rock, Pirate Jenny’s music tells stories of lonely sailors and shipwrecked souls copping styles from Brit rock to Ska.Their influential music remains popular even though the group rarely performs. Started by Kevin Hendrickson in1994, Pirate Jenny released two CDs as well as various other recordings. Recordings: Never-Sea Land (1996) and Once Upon A Wave (1999), and Shipwreck Special, released July 27th, 2013.

Broadside Johnnie
Portland, Oregon
The solo balladeer has been playing his concertina and singing chanteys and other folk songs in the area for years. Occasionally can be seen biking through the city in pirate attire. A past performer among the many talented of Ensemble Loupan.

Sunken Chest
Portland, Oregon
These guys really rock pirate style. Not sure exactly how long they’ve been around, but you can’t go wrong with songs that reference Dokken and knife fights between monkeys.

Ben Gunn Society
Los Angeles
Take a classic pirate story, turn it on its head, add wit, humor and catchy tunes, and behold The Ben Gunn Society. More fun than a barrel of monkeys, their totally unique CD celebrates the adventures of a cheese-crazy pirate marooned on Treasure Island. The band performed at Festival de Piratas V in 2004. Be sure and check out their 2007 release, Sovereignty. It’s about “a search for freedom…” and is “darker and more rocking…” than their first album.

The Toucan Pirates
These sea-farin’ lads play traditional tunes from Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and the Shetland Isles using concertina, button accordion, Irish bouzouki, tenor banjo, penny whistle and West Indian steel drum. They have recorded three scurvy albums since 1999, each containing a pirate’s haul of traditional tunes and soundscapes of pirate adventure on the high seas.

Billy Bones
Captain Billy is an actual descendant of Merchant Marine Captain Charles Fangman, master of tall ships from 1860 to 1881. As a Merchant Marine captain with over 25 years in the charter trade in the Pacific Northwest and the Caribbean, Bones is now almost making a living on Maui, writing and performing his unique style of maritime music.

Recording: The Captain’s Collection (2003)

Surfin’ Turnips

Here’s a band from the maritime district of SW England who sing in their pirate dialect. Not strictly pirates – but very scurvy and interesting for those who have never heard the old Bristol dialect–A place where they really say ARRR not Aye! According to their website they sound like “Wurzels, Ramones, Real Mackenzies, Tossers, Flogging Molly, Grimple, McFly said they wanner be us and George Michael said we are da dirtiest bazderdz on the high seas.”

The Budd Bay Buccaneers

Their recording, “GOT BOOTY?” is a collection of traditional and “near-traditional” pirate songs and tunes that exploit the myth and romance of piracy, but seldom the reality!


The Mongrel Bastard Pirate Orchestra? On all good pirate ships there existed a pirate orchestra. It was the orchestra’s responsibility to chronicle in song the adventures of the pirates. Sforzando are a 6-piece pirate orchestra who blend ferocious punk, Western European folk melodies and classic sea shanties to create a soundscape for the ocean. They sing of sailors that can’t swim, ships that won’t sail, dangerous mermaids and sirens ravishing the waves, mutineers, the vengeance of the sea Gods, the fury of the ocean, the destruction of the shoreline, the poetry of waves and of course, pirates. Especially pirates.

The Alaskan Pirate and His Salty

Hailing from Tallahassee, Florida for over a decade, this high-spirited pirate crew with a bold Captain have brought the ancient and debaucherous music of pirates triumphantly into the 21st century. “Come Aboard”, their first album, was heralded as a giant leap for piratekind. With musical roots planted firmly in punk as well as classical training, these pirates stand true as oak. They are fun-loving sea-artists who will hoist a stein and belt out a shanty at the drop of a three-pionted hat. With friends and fans recruited out of whiskey bars and punk rock clubs across the east, the Alaskan Pirate and his Salty Seamen stand ready to unleash “Villiany Rewarded”, their second album.


Scuurvy are Australia’s mightiest pirate metal band, Based in Brisbane, Queensland. Soon to be releasing an EP entitled “across the seven seas” videos are viewable via their website.

Davy Jones

A brandnew german piratecore-band. Inspired by Australia’s mightiest pirate metal band “scurvy” they’re trying to board germany with hardcore riffs and scurvy “sing- along” lyrics! Yarrrrr!!!

Captain Darby O’Bill and His Matees

They be a nine-piece pirate band from Anchorage, Alaska. Their shanties and ballads are the epitome of pirate-core music, with choral-operatic vocals and powerful sailing-melodies, you’ll be jig-dancing and saying “arg!” a lot. After listening to their cd, you may also find yourself pillaging random strangers on the street.

Salt Sea Pirates

The Salt Sea Pirates have existed since 1987, formed by Cap’n Lightnin’ Jack who began his piratical music career performing live sea shanty sing-outs at Pirates Cove in Josephine, Alabama. The band’s first CD, “Grog n’Gunpowder,” generally leans toward the traditional side of seafaring oriented music. Now in the studio recording their next cd, Salt Sea Pirates has a new, true “pirate-core” sound. Prior to airing a special sneak preview track from the new cd on Bilgemunky Radio and with absolutely no threats of broiled lips or disembowelment from the group, Bilge said, and we quote,”What I think is the greatest version of Deadman’s Chest ever.”

B.O.O.M. Pirates

B.O.O.M. started as a cannon wielding re-enactment group in Portland, OR, before launching their popular vaudeville-style musical show blending shanteys with familiar pop melodies. Their 2008 CD Prepare to be Boarded is an acoustic collection of pirate themed music featuring traditional sea shanties, original compositions and contemporary sounds all woven together by dramatic interludes which tell the tale of a renegade life on the sea. The CD includes new arrangements of traditional songs of the sea, modern shanties derived from contemporary popular music, six-part a cappella harmonies, up-beat Latin rhythms and a Cajun song of freedom.

Cat O Nine Tails

Punk Rockers of Cat O Nine tails are based aboard La Matelote, a large fluvial ship in Paris. They play Modern songs and Folk chanteys. Real brethren of the coast for people love in freedom.

The Dread Crew of Oddwood

The Dread Crew of Oddwood is a pirate themedband that blends Heavy Metal, Celtic Folk, and Progressive Rock with a unique acoustic instrumentation to proclaim a new genre: Heavy Mahogany. Embarking from San Diego in 2008, this bloodthirsty horde has accumulated a commendable cult following in the musical underground of Southern California, and is rapidly gaining infamy throughout the far corners of the world.

Ye Banished Privateers

Ye Banished Privateers be inspired by bastardized irish folk, high sea shanties, Scandinavian ballads of the frosen north, plays and court protocols of the pirate era – everything poured into a cracked and homemade 17th century punk mold. Get the latest album free on Pirate bay!

Cap’n Marrow & His Band of Miscreants

Cap’n Marrow & His band of Miscreants is from the Columbia County area near Portland Oregon. They merge “Tales of the Sea” with modern rock resulting in an orchestration of mood and adrenaline.

Pirates for Sail

Whether as the house band at Piratz Tavern or invading pirate festivals and Renaissance faires along the East Coast, Pirates for Sail (the crew ofThe Drunken Ferret) spreads their own brand of music and mirth for all to enjoy. From their base in the Baltimore, MD area to wherever the wind takes them, they are always ready to assault some eardrums and sensibilities.

Steel Drummer Nate

Nate Middle – Steel Drummer Entertainer for solo, duet or Steel Drum Band performances, providing the best in Steel Drum Live Entertainment in Los Angeles, Orange County and throughout Southern California.


Alestorm is a Scottish pirate metal band and oneof the most well known of all time. They’ve released 3 great albums. “black sails at midnight”, “captain Morgans revenge”, and “back through time” hopefully releasing more soon.

Kapten Pirat

Landcrabs and swashbucklers – they’re all in awe in front of the majestic Kapten Pirat!
This dynamic trio wields the fiercest instruments known to man – Drums, Bass and Keyboards….and bagpipe… and harmonica. And handclaps.
Ye who have received this notion, may it be bestowed upon you to listen, enjoy and review this. It would make our pirate souls very happy. Honest!

The story starts of in the dungeons of France, where the mad trio has been locked up since the epic failure of their last adventure “Sailing the Six Seas”.
Unbeknownst to them, the French has taken control of the entire world in their absence.
Set somewhere in the ponds of the Earth, Kapten Pirat is hunting for the legendary Pirate Bay that has become the home of all the free pirates of the world.
The journey takes them to meet the horrible, and possibly disfigured, Capitaine Blau Belle – commander of the French armada.
Meanwhile, Loclaire has been carrying a secret all along. One that could change the future of the war…

“Legend of Nigel Harris” is the successor to our beloved debute “Sailing the Six Seas”, which was appreciated by everyone. Or at least, could’ve been!

The Jolly Rogers

The Jolly Rogers began as a three-person street act at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival in 1991 – Chris Berger played Blind Cain, Clint Glidewell was Calico Jack and Kurt Hanover was Bloodbeard. They had the singular goal of becoming the highest-profile street act the Festival had to offer – and they succeeded. It was at this time they met Mark Stahl (Mark Mayhem) and Brian Price (Capt. Spitte) who were street musicians performing as the Troll Tavern Two; Brian began to teach the others sea songs and shanties. Cliff Lawson (Devon Blackheart) joined the crew and the die was cast: The Jolly Rogers soon became one of the biggest main stage acts at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and began to travel to other Faires around the country bringing their own brand of pirate and sea music wherever they went.

In 2001, The Jolly Rogers were invited to attend the Shanties Music Festival in Krakow, Poland. Sean Foree (Bottomless Pete) filled in when Mark couldn’t join the trip which laid the seeds for his inclusion in the group, replacing the retiring Clint Glidewell in 2003. Until now, The Jolly Rogers had based their music on traditional sea songs and shanties but it was in 2003 that The J.R.’s took a dramatic turn and produced their first album ofall-original music, “X Marks The Spot”.

After Brian left the group for the US Army in 2005, the remaining five members continued on to produce a second album of all-original music, “Cutlass, Cannon and Curves” which proved to be their most popular album in the band’s history to that date!

It was in 2007 The Jolly Rogers produced their most ambitious project – a live concert DVD and CD. Over two years in the making, the “No Refunds” concert project, filmed and recorded in Kansas City’s historic Gem Theater at 17th & Vine, was an unparalleled success!

In 2010, celebrating their 20th year, The jolly Rogers released “SCORE”. With only a few exceptions, this album contains all-original music and lyrics and is already considered by many to be the bands best album. A highlight of the album is a guest performance by the wonderful maritime group BOUNDING MAIN on our favorite song, “The Day of the Clipper”. Boasting 19 songs, SCORE is an album that has something for everybody!

Jolly Rogers Albums are:
Pirate’s Gold
Loose Cannons
X Marks the Spot
Cutlass,Cannon,and Curves
No Refunds

Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers

A rollicking and rocking crew from Nashville, Tennessee, whose members have toured the country in Broadway shows and played with such artists as  John Fogerty,  John Prine, and Tony Joe White.They combine rousing piratical sing-alongs with grooves spanning the world, from Irish and celtic rave-ups to afro-cuban and cajun rhythms.

The Drunk Death Dealerz

The DDD hail from the Whittier, ca punk/psychobilly scene. THey started off as an acoustic two-man punk outfit by brother Andeh and Jonni Pinkard, that later turned to a full on band. The DDD merge piratical story tellying and minor theatrics with aggressive down tempo punkrock.

The Dolmen

The Dolmen a Pirate Folk Rock band started in abouts 1990 recording their first stomping album in 93.
Since then have released 10 albums covering a range of folk themes from Shag n Shave on the high waves to Billy Crook the Smuggler.
Just recently The Dolmen have released a double Album dedicated purely to their roots named “Spirits of the Sea” Now in process of touring and promoting pirate music in the Uk


Folk/Rock pirate music with more than a hint offunk. These guys are crowd pleasers, perfect even for a family event.

Pride O’ Bedlam

Captain Basil Drake leads the Crew of the Pride O’ Bedlam, a rowdy bunch of sea dogs. We perform original, traditional and folked up modern Pirate, Irish and Scottish tunes. The Crew Hails from the Texas Rennaisance Festival, our main stage is the Sea Devil Tavern.

Musical Blades

The smell of rum, the sea, and black powder. The crashing of the waves and sails snapping in the wind. The creaking of timbers over the raucous laughter of gentlemen of fortune. You’re not at a Festival anymore, you’re there with the Musical Blades, part of the crew of the Prickly Bitch.

Since the turn of the century, the Musical Blades have been transporting patrons into their hilarious world of witty dialog, and original maritime songs.

With their experience on the circuit, the Musical Blades offer a variety of music. Original and traditional material; upbeat shanties, hard hitting ballads, comedic stage songs and antics, and tear jerking closers.

Crack Jenny’s Teacup

Can best be described as a combination of the true pirate ethics along side with ye thrashy metal and folky video gameish sound…A peppering of punk and a large dose of ale and rum rounds off the timeless sound you will want to share with yer mateys…

Sharky & Bones (Never Land Pirate Band )

Sharky and Bones are the names of the two pirate musicians who perform both as animated and live-action characters for the Disney Junior animated series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Toting concertina and banjo, the animated duo (voiced by Loren Hoskins and Kevin Hendrickson with Jeff Bennett providing Bones’ animated speaking voice) sail on the Jolly Roger as humble members of Captain Hook’s crew. At the end of each episode, the live-action versions of Sharky and Bones (also known as the “Never Land Pirate Band”) pop on screen for a short music video segment of one of their signature pirate rock songs. Hoskins and Hendrickson also write and produce the music for the series.

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