Hucklescary Finn Autobiography

Since 1990 myself and my best friend Matt Giger have written or recorded more than 100 pirate-themed rock songs under the alias “Hucklescary Finn.” Set in our own mythical pirate kingdom called “Scamalot,” and chronicling the adventures of such characters as “Scabby the Seaman,” and “King Skreebeard,” our odd little pirate songs have since taken on lives of their own and have crept into the fiber of two altogether different buccaneer themed rock bands: Pirate Jenny, and Captain Bogg & Salty. The legendary duo have inspired countless jam sessions and spontaneous lyrics about clashing rings, sparks flying, cozy castles, seafaring adventure, and ultimately, Kevin & Matt rising up out of the ocean battling with long swords. Basically Kevin & Matt rolled the 20-sided die once too often. Either that, or all of those visits to Disneyland finally paid off. There’s more to come in this adventure. Stay tuned! —Kevin Hendrickson

Hucklescary Finn

Matt Giger & Kevin Hendrickson get ready to cut some Scamalot tracks in Tantamount Studios circa 1993. The cellar studio built by John Morgan, Kevin, and J.B. Allen, served as Pirate Jenny’s rehearsal space. The studio, which was carpeted on all surfaces, was later used by Sunset Valley.

Hucklescary Finn. Their friendship began at Benson High School in 1981.