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The Bunratty Castle Band Theme Song

I’ve finally finished a rough mix of The Bunratty Castle Band! This week I’m setting up a chromakey screen (green screen) in my garage so that I can start testing shots for the music video I’ll be making this summer.

This is a song that has been kicking around for sometime. Here’s an excerpt from my notebook dated Jan 1, 2003:

The Bunratty Castle Band is an imaginary rock group of peace-loving Bunnies and Rats who live in a castle in Ireland. Their message is simple: Animals and humans must join paws and hands across the world for peace in every land!

The Bunnies and Rats sometimes argue, but they generally coexist peacefully. Instead of relying on violence, they have learned to settle their squabbles with logic and generosity. They are here to let us know that we humans can do the same!

… and here’s the song:

Introducing the Bunratty Castle Band

In 2003 I made this rough sketch of the Bunratty Castle Band. It was the same year I released my solo album, Ship to Shore, and decided not to include a song called “The Bunratty Castle Band,” which told the tale of a band of rascally critters holed up in an enchanted Irish castle and spying on the antics of “stupid humans,” as they attempt to ruin the world with their disagreements.

bunratty castle band sketch 2003About that time I had learned of the actual Bunratty Castle’s existence in Ireland, and had become instantly fascinated with the name. That of course led to me writing the song, which has lingered unfinished ever since.

Why am I posting this now?

I’m finally ready to release the song “Bunratty Castle Band” into the world! I finished recording it today, and I plan to tweak the mix a bit over the next two days and then post it for my friends to hear.

The next step will be a music video for the song. And after that, my mission will be complete and I can move on to the next thing!

(PS, the sketch is a screenshot from a Flash animation I had started making for my song Gumbo Jim, which was going to include a preview of The Bunratty Castle Band)